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6 hours in otherworldly Uummannaq

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Overnight roundtrips to Uummannaq from Ilulissat.

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About the voyage

  • Departure: Ilulissat
  • Arrival: Ilulissat
  • Duration: 2 nights
  • Ship: Sarfaq Ittuk
Meals on board x4
Meals on shore
Addons x2
Destinations x3

Uummannaq and its surrounding fjord is a photographer’s paradise that completely changes character but loses none of its grandeur as the seasons change. During summer in Uummannaq, sailing trips will take you to where the Qilakitsoq mummies (Greenland’s oldest mummies) were discovered, to the brilliantly yellow “Arctic Desert” with rocks more than 1.5 billion years old, to nearby settlements, impossibly steep bird cliffs, actively calving glacier faces and past icebergs that are at least as big as those found in Ilulissat.

6 hours in otherworldly Uummannaq,,6 timer i mystiske Uummannaq,Akunnerit 6-it Uummannami map


Day 1: Ilulissat
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Departure: 21:00

Ilulissat is home to the UNESCO listed Ilulissat Icefjord, where whale blows or sled dog paws echo off icebergs larger than your imagination.

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Day 2: Uummannaq
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Arrival: 13:00
Departure: 19:00

A chorus of Greenlandic sled dogs at the base of the heart-shaped mountain calls you to adventure amidst the enormous icebergs of the Uummannaq Fjord.

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Excursions included this voyage

Traditional greenlandic food served as tapas
Day 2: Uummannaq
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Begins: 13:00
Ends: 17:00
Time to explore
4 hours

Location: Parabolen, Uummannaq Meat from marine mammals, game, birds, and fish has been the main ingredient in Greenlandic food for generations. The high meat content in the diet provided energy and nourishment all year round for a physically demanding existence where the harsh Arctic winter could seriously tax one’s energy reserves. The Greenlandic culinary culture is also closely tied to the old hunting community’s strong social solidarity, where vital necessities depended on the catch being shared. Today food and mealtimes remain a central part of Greenlanders’ characteristic hospitality.


Addons included this voyage

  • ChefOn board meals

    2x Breakfast, 1x Lunch, 1x Dinner

  • Sea sickness pillsSea sickness pills

    Motion sickness happens to most of us, especially in the beginning.

  • Wi-Fi onboard for 24 hoursWi-Fi onboard for 24 hours

    24-hour wifi access for one unit.

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4 Persons
1-4 beds
9.5-11 sqm
Umiaq Cabin
Cabins are optimal for micro groups, such as a group of friends, a family, or a couple with a desire for privacy with their own bath and toilet, increased space, and comfort. All cabins are exterior cabins. Cabins can be purchased as one, two, three, or four-person cabins. There’s an electric kettle for coffee and tea and a chest of drawers. There’re towels in the cabins. Cabins are found on decks 3 and 4. For the sake of the following guests, we start cleaning the cabins 1 hour before arrival. Please leave the key in the cabin.
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9.889 DKK
5.499 DKK
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Welcome on board: Sarfaq Ittuk

M/S SARFAQ ITTUK was built in 1992, extended in 2000 and suite type cabins being introduced in 2023 and 2024. Its 73 metres in length allows the ship to dock directly in all ports where it is possible to disembark the ship for excursions.

  • Local crew: Service in greenlandic, english and danish.
  • Café Sarfaq: Open from 07:00 to 22:00 all days of the week.
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