Arctic Circle Race Weekend

Nuuk > Nuuk
6 nights

Embark on the ultimate winter adventure with Arctic Umiaq Line's exclusive Arctic Circle Race rotation, taking you from Nuuk to Sisimiut via Maniitsoq (with a delightful dinner at Hotel Maniitsoq) and Kangaamiut. In Sisimiut, the exciting Arctic Circle Race awaits you, where our ship, the Sarfaq Ittuk, transforms into a cozy hotel ship for four nights. The Arctic Circle Race is an internationally recognized and challenging skiing competition that unfolds in the stunning Arctic hinterlands around Sisimiut. Whether you participate as a runner, testing your strength and endurance in one of the world's most demanding ski events, or simply want to experience the unforgettable atmosphere as a spectator, this event is truly special. From Thursday morning to Monday morning, the Sarfaq Ittuk serves as your comfortable base. Here, you can relax and recharge while enjoying a simple and delicious breakfast on board. This unique concept combines transportation and accommodation into a comprehensive package, allowing you to simultaneously participate in the Arctic Circle Race and experience the incredible Arctic surroundings. Arctic Umiaq Line and the Arctic Circle Race combine winter adventure, sports, and culture in a way that will make your journey to Greenland unforgettable. It's an opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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