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Easter in Nuuk Fjorden

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Experience Easter within the fjords of Nuuk from MS Sarfaq Ittuk

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About the voyage

  • Departure: Nuuk
  • Arrival: Nuuk
  • Duration: 1 night
  • Ship: Sarfaq Ittuk
Meals on board x2
Destinations x3

The ship departs at 21:00 from Nuuk towards Qooqqut bay. The following morning will be near Kapisillit, slowly sailing towards the ice fjord, and will pass the settlement Qoornoq and Sermitsiaq island on the route back to Nuuk. Brunch and lunch meals are included in the price.

Easter in Nuuk Fjorden,,Påske i Nuuk Fjorden,Nuup Kangerluani Tallimanngornersuaq map


Day 1: Nuuk
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Departure: 21:00


Day 1: Nuuk Fjord
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Arrival: 22:00
Departure: 16:00
Time to explore
18 hours

The route of Nuuk Fjord: Nuuk -> Qooqqut -> Kapisillit -> Ice fjord -> Qoornoq -> Sermitsiaq -> Nuuk.

Addons included this voyage

  • ChefOn board meals

    1x Breakfast, 1x Lunch, 0x Dinner

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1 Person
Premium with mattress topper
5 sqm
Couchette Premium
(Refurbish in 2024) Designed to function as hybrid couchettes/cabins with flexible privacy incl. premium beds with mattress toppers. When used as a Couchette you share your room with other Prime Couchette travelers. When used as a Cabin you get privacy in your room using the sliding door. The kitchenette, large luggage storage area, 2 x toilets and 2 x baths are shared and reserved to Prime Couchette travelers only (Limited to 14 travelers only).
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1.860 DKK
1.699 DKK
Per passenger
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1 Person
Couchette top ↑
Couchettes are available in bunk sections for up to 8 people. There’s a shared bath and toilet in the hallway. Passengers usually bring their own sleeping bag, but it’s possible to buy a blanket in connection with buying a ticket online or in the information on the ship. Couchettes are available on decks 1, 2, and 3. Some of them don’t have a window.
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1.260 DKK
1.099 DKK
Per passenger
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Welcome on board: Sarfaq Ittuk

M/S SARFAQ ITTUK was built in 1992, extended in 2000 and suite type cabins being introduced in 2023 and 2024. Its 73 metres in length allows the ship to dock directly in all ports where it is possible to disembark the ship for excursions.

  • Local crew: Service in greenlandic, english and danish.
  • Café Sarfaq: Open from 07:00 to 22:00 all days of the week.
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