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The Full Greenland Voyage

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About the voyage

  • Departure: Nuuk
  • Arrival: Nuuk
  • Duration: 14 nights
  • Ship: Sarfaq Ittuk
Available Packages
Meals on board x40
Guided walk/hike x11
Addons x2
Destinations x38

The complete Greenland Voyage combines the South- and North Greenland voyages at a discounted price in newly refurbished suites. You will share your experience with up to 22 other voyage travelers, creating a special blended atmosphere in MS Sarfaq Ittuk where 9/10 annual passengers are Greenlanders. This voyage is from our partnership with Hurtigruten Norway exclusive to only 12 Umiaq Junior Suites per rotation between June 1st - October 19th, 2024. ||| The "Essential" package is for those who want to create their personalized itineraries by adding available excursions and on-shore fjord overnights themselves. Onboard meals, wifi, and locally guided walks in 11 stops are included in the "Essential" package.

The Full Greenland Voyage,Die Grönlandreise,Grønlandsrejsen,Nunarput angalaarlugu map


Day 1: Nuuk
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Departure: 17:00

The capital of Greenland and a vibrant, modern city, Nuuk is a cultural center fuelled by fresh air, strong coffee, and outdoor adventure.

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Day 2: Nuuk Fjord
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Arrival: 11:00
Departure: 12:00
Time to explore
1 hour

The world's second-largest fjord system with kilometer-high mountains, icebergs, whales, glacial waterfalls, and remote settlements.

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Excursions included this voyage

Guided walk in Paamiut (Southbound)
Day 3: Paamiut
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Begins: 14:00
Ends: 14:50
Time to explore
50 minutes

Make the most out of your one-and-a-half-hour stop in Paamiut during the longest day on the sea by taking a guided walk with a local guide.

Guided walk in Qaqortoq
Day 5: Qaqortoq
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Begins: 16:00
Ends: 18:00
Time to explore
2 hours

Make the most out of your time in Qaqortoq by taking a guided walk with a local guide. The guide design and adapt the guided walk based on the day's local happenings.


Addons included this voyage

  • ChefOn board meals

    13x Breakfast, 13x Lunch, 14x Dinner

  • Sea sickness pillsSea sickness pills

    Motion sickness happens to most of us, especially in the beginning.

  • Wi-Fi onboard for 24 hoursWi-Fi onboard for 24 hours

    24-hour wifi access for one unit.

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