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The Greenland Voyage

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Combining the South- and North Greenland voyages.

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About the voyage

  • Departure: Nuuk
  • Arrival: Nuuk
  • Duration: 14 nights
  • Ship: Sarfaq Ittuk
Meals on board x42
Flight: Iceland <> Greenland x2
On shore overnight x2
Boat tour with a local x7
Guided walk/hike x14
Meals on shore x16
Destinations x38

The complete Greenland Voyage combines the South- and North Greenland voyages at a discounted price. This is regarded as a rare and limited opportunity to experience Greenland through a local passenger ship in newly refurbished suites. The voyage package with pre-booked excursions and on-shore fjord overnights through local small businesses is limited to just 12 Junior Suites for two people per suite over just 10 rotations, making it highly authentic and exclusive. You will share your experience with up to 22 other voyage travelers, creating a special blended atmosphere in MS Sarfaq Ittuk where 9/10 annual passengers are Greenlanders. This voyage is from our partnership with Hurtigruten Norway exclusive to only 12 Umiaq Junior Suites per rotation between June 1st - October 19th, 2024.

The Greenland Voyage map


Day 1: Flight from Keflavik to Nuuk
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Departure: 09:00
Arrival: 10:45
Flight duration
3 hours 45 minutes

A direct flight in economy standard from Keflavik, Iceland to Nuuk, Greenland. Our collaboration with Icelandair is designed to support seamless schedules through direct transfers from airport to ship and ship to airport. Your flight arrival is on ship departure day and your ship arrival is on your flight departure day.

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Day 1: Nuuk
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Departure: 17:00

The capital of Greenland and a vibrant, modern city, Nuuk is a cultural center fuelled by fresh air, strong coffee, and outdoor adventure.

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Camp Kangiusaq (Glamping)
Day 1: Nuuk
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Begins: 12:00
Ends: 11:30
Time to explore
23 hours 30 minutes

A glamorous camping site for the people who really want to revel in Greenlandic nature, away from any type of connection but with world-class comfort! The tour departs from the colonial harbor next to the National Museum and then heads toward the Nuuk Icefiord. We’ll stop among some of the icebergs before going all the way to the camp. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our guides at the camp, who will give you a quick tour around the area and give you all the relevant information for your stay. Dinner will be served between 18-20 in our large tent, which can be enjoyed inside or out on the platform with a view. The following morning breakfast can be enjoyed between 08-09, with enough choices to pack a lunch in case you’d like to go for a longer hike. During your stay, it’s also possible to go out on a paddleboard or kayak tour; you could go fishing or on one of our suggested hikes. There are several viewpoints from which you can see the ice fiord.

Dinner in Nuuk city after the fjord experience
Day 2: Nuuk
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Begins: 18:00
Ends: 20:00
Time to explore
2 hours

After 24 hours within the fjords of Nuuk, make the most out of our 3-hour tight time in Nuuk by enjoying a dinner in a local restaurant. Transfer between ship and restaurant included. The restaurant varies in every rotation, and food includes local ingredients and a glass of wine, beer, or soda.